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Promoted Email Campaign Checklist

Stop wondering if you remembered everything!
From planning to launch, use this checklist to set the stage for successful Bandsintown Promoted Email campaigns.

1. Planning 🧠

Add your payment method and complete your profile. Learn how

Promote single events or tours, festivals, multiple events, and more with plug-and-play templates. Learn how

The minimum spend is $150 USD.

Once you submit your campaign, it typically takes 2 business days to be reviewed and launched. 

2. Targeting 🎯

Enter your budget, target locations, and target artists to see how many fans you can reach. Learn more

Target all or as many of the main performing artists' fans within budget, then add similar artists' fans on top.

For in-person events, stick to below 60 miles from the venue. For tours, target each city individually rather than the whole state or country. Learn more

3. Content 📧

Keep your subject line snappy (6-10 words) and descriptive (who, what, where, when). Avoid all caps, spam words, and excessive emojis or exclamation points.

Write in third-person (avoid “we”, “our”, “us” or “I”), keep it concise, and use a friendly, conversational tone with a compelling call to action, a sense of urgency, and a special offer.

Avoid overcrowding your email with text, images, buttons, and sections. Use fonts, colors, and layouts that are easy to read. Note that we may optimize your design to improve performance. 

4. Launch 🚀

Review your budget and targeting, proof-read your email for typos and incorrect links or images, and send a test email to yourself.

Submit your campaign to have it sent within two business days or schedule it for a future date and time, making sure to check the timezone.

Monitor campaign insights including opens, clicks, open rate, and click-through rates from your dashboard. Learn how

For more Promoted Email tips and tutorials, visit the Help Center.

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